Surf Sports

Surf Sports has a wide variety of disciplines, from swimming, board and ski paddling, to sprints, surf boats and IRB (inflatable rescue boats) racing. These events offers our lifeguards a chance to hone their skills and become fitter, faster and stronger in a fun, social and competitive environment

Fitzroy Surf Club has a strong training program over all of these disciplines.


Our board paddling program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has three main groups:

  1. Bronze Whalers – for our newer paddlers
  2. Silver Surfers – our intermediate group
  3. Gold Coasters – our elite group


Our ski paddlers train Monday, Wednesday and Friday night


Our sprinters train Tuesdays, Thursday and Saturdays


IRBs are one of the main rescue devices used by our lifeguards, they are fast, manoeuvrable and can get out to a person in trouble in the surf quickly. IRB competitions run separately to the main surf sports competitions. The BP Surf Rescue Championships was created to give increased opportunity for clubs to race against the best crews within Surf Lifesaving. For more information on IRB training and racing please click here.


We have a new surf boat in the club and group of guys keen to train and race it. We are always looking for more keen people to row the boat so get in contact with us if interested.

To find out more about any of our training programs ring any of our coaches in the contacts page